Select Paving

Looking for agood paving contractor in Dublin? I suggest Select Paving in Dublin. Professional, value and very good at the job.

They have completed numerous paving jobs for both residential, commercial and even done paving for the Government branch in Dublin. Everything they do is fully covered and insured.

They recently done a driveway in Dublin for a friend of mine. Both driveway and patio. I have to say it was a top notch job. Fast, reliant. They apparently were in and out in under 5 days which isn't bad considering the place looks like a mansion! I wouldn't be able to give an exact size of it but its around 1000m I reckon? Give or take a bit anyway! I really should try and get a picture of it. The patio was really nice. They fitted foot lights around the entire patio area. Paved circle and even made a raised bench out of stone. Very impressive work. So don't hesitate to give them a call if your thinking of getting some work done outside. Visit them at :